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Sarah Schaefer understands the biggest concerns in today’s educational world when it comes to the discipline of mathematics because she has taught for 20 years. Schedules are limited. Classes are short. Change is constant. Teachers are pulled in numerous directions, which further hinders the student’s opportunities to fully understanding the mathematical content. Schaefer also understands the Singapore Math ® methodology and mitigated these challenges as an early adopter of the program.

Her extensive experience studying in Singapore at the SEED Institute under Dr. Yeap Ban Har further validated those beliefs and honed her understanding. She enhanced the methodology with her own iterative approach, resulting in optimal performance and maximum knowledge retention. Between 2007 and the present time, Schaefer has consulted with 40+ schools and mentored more than 4,000 teachers, as well as implementing the Singapore Math ® curriculum not only with students, teachers and parents, but with her own three children as well. At The Bolles School, in addition to teaching, Sarah implemented the curriculum from the ground up, building the philosophy of simplifying the delivery to enhance content knowledge. She believes teachers, students, and even parents should be more empowered in their approach to mathematics. Encouraging creative thinking and a passion for understanding will ultimately result in a more meaningful learning environment.