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Singapore Math® Live offers home educators support for Singapore Math® curriculum, including live and interactive online classes, and access to previously recorded lessons.

Brenda Barnett, founder of Singapore Math® Live, is a home educating mother of four children including two who have already graduated. Her background includes a BS in Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma and 6.5 years of experience teaching upper-level math in Texas public high schools. Although she knew how to “do math” very well, she learned to “think mathematically” during the 14 years she spent using Singapore Math® Primary Mathematics 1-6 with her own children.

By utilizing technology, Brenda is able to offer support to home educating families as they strive to provide their children with a strong mathematical foundation. Singapore Math® Live can help any parent with an internet connection – from the comfort of their own home! There are three ways that parents benefit from joining with Singapore Math® Live.

First, parents will have access to a syllabus that correlates the Workbooks, Intensive Practice books, and the Challenging Word Problems book into 34 weekly assignments.

Second, parents will view a “Class Recording” where Brenda explains the concepts, methods, and strategies that students will encounter in the assignments for that week.

Finally, parents will have access to the Singapore Math® Live Solutions Recordings. On these recordings, Brenda solves and explains each of the word problems that are assigned in the Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems books. The Singapore Math® word problems are challenging and require students to fully develop their problem-solving and thinking skills. Parents often get stumped when working them as well – but the Singapore Math® Live Solutions Recordings will enable parents to quickly guide their children toward the correct solution.

If your own mathematics background does not give you confidence in your ability to choose a rigorous curriculum or if you do not have the time required to use Singapore Math® curriculum without support, Singapore Math® Live is for you!

Brenda offers a free trial so you can try out the first three weeks of any level. Click here to learn more and get started.