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This section is for parents who are not homeschooling their children, but are looking for a math enrichment program for their children attending public or private schools.

FAQ on using Singapore MathTM books as enrichment material

  1. Can the Primary Mathematics series be used as enrichment/supplementary material for our kids who are already attending school?
    Definitely. The owners of SingaporeMath.com Inc have used the Primary Mathematics series as an enrichment program successfully with their daughter. See story below.
  2. Are there any parents in the U.S. using Singapore MathTM for enrichment?
    Yes. While most users are either schools or homeschoolers, we have an increasing number of customers using the Primary Mathematics series for enrichment.
  3. What books/sets should I get for enrichment?
    You will need both the textbook and the workbook for the appropriate level(s). Learning tasks and activities are present in the textbook, and exercises (independent work) are present in the workbook.
  4. Which level should I get? Is there an answer key?
    Please use the guideline to determine where to start your student in these books. The school your student is attending may not cover material at the same time or same depth as the Primary Mathematics books, or use the same approaches. Since this curriculum is a mastery program, it is important to place your student at the level he or she is ready for, not necessarily according to the number on the book. The guideline includes links to placement tests, more information about the books, and information about answer keys.

  5. Do we need to get supplementary books if using Primary Mathematics for enrichment?
    The exercises in the workbooks should be enough for most topics. However, there may be some topics for which your child will need extra practice. If you only want extra practice similar to that found in the textbooks and workbooks, we recommend using Extra Practice for Primary Mathematics U.S. Ed. If you want more challenging practice, we recommend Primary Mathematics Intensive Practice U.S. Ed. We do not recommend getting too many supplementary books - there is the time factor, and the "burn out" factor, to consider. Your child has already spent quite a few hours at school, and will likely have homework from school, too.
  6. Do we need to use any teacher's guides or Home Instructor's Guides for enrichment?
    An enrichment program is not the same as full-time homeschooling. In an enrichment situation, any or all the following may apply:
    • The parent may not have the same amount of time to devote to teaching.
    • The parent may not want to spend a lot of time teaching.
    • The program is meant to supplement, and not to replace, the math instruction that the child is already receiving at school.

    If any of the above applies to you, you may not need any guides. The guides are useful for full implementation of the Singapore Math TM program.

    However, if you would like more explanation about how the concepts are being taught or presented in the text, or would like solutions to the problems, you could get the Home Instructor's Guides for reference. If your student is having difficulties, the Home Instructor's Guides will give you activities that help in introducing and teaching the topics. They also provides background information for the instructor, that will help you in undestanding why and how the math is taught. Some approaches and methods are different than what your child is using in school and using these different approaches will help your child's understanding. Also, if you start in the middle of the program, the Home Instructor's Guides will explain the approach and methods used in earlier levels. Many parents using Singapore math books for enrichment have found the Guides helpful.

  7. How do I know where to place my child?
    Please make use of placement tests, sample pages and contents to help with your decision making. We also have a forum where you can share similar concerns. Click here for a quick guideline to placement.

  8. Where can I find more information about using the Primary Mathematics Series?
    Please go to our FAQ for primary mathematics.

Successful enrichment program

Our daughter attends public school in Oregon. We wanted her to have a strong foundation in math, so we started our own enrichment program when she was in first grade. I spent half an hour daily (Monday-Friday only) doing Primary Mathematics with her. We used mainly the textbooks and the accompanying workbooks, however, on a few topics that I felt that she needed more practice, I would have her work on extra exercises from supplementary books.

Results: Our daughter has consistently scored high A's in her math career, and math is not even her favorite subject! She is now in the 7th grade advanced math class, and is continuing to excel in this subject. While we have stopped our daily math enrichment program (we stopped when we finished the whole Primary Mathematics series in 6th grade), we still do our Singapore math as and when she needs help. If she thinks "she is not grasping a new concept", she will ask that we do it the Singapore math way. And for this level, I am using New Elementary Mathematics as our reference books.

Dawn Thomas - co-founder and owner of SingaporeMath.com Inc, 2003