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Chinese Language for Primary Schools Series

  1. What Chinese books do you offer?
    We offer the latest Chinese books used in Singapore primary schools (grades 1-6) - Chinese Language for Primary Schools. Chinese Language for Primary Schools (New Edition) is now available for Primary 1A through 6B.

  2. Is Hanyu pinyin used in the Chinese series?
    Hanyu pinyin is used in all the Chinese series. (Hanyu pinyin is the most commonly used system for the romanization of the Chinese "written sound." Hanyu pinyin has been the national standard of China since 1958, and an international standard (ISO 7098:1991, 2nd ed.) since 1982).

  3. Is Simplified or Traditional Chinese used in this series?
    Please note this series uses Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese is still used to write characters in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China and Singapore.

  4. Do you have sample pages for review?
    Sample pages are listed in the product detail information page for each item.

  5. Are there other Teacher Resources?
    We do not carry any Teacher Resources for the Chinese series.

  6. Are these books for beginners trying to learn Chinese?
    There are no English instructions or translations in these books. This series requires a teacher with proficiency in the Chinese Language. This series is NOT suitable for adult beginners trying to learn the Chinese Language.
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