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Primary Science Series
  1. What Primary Science books do you offer?
    We offer two Science series for the primary level:
    1. Earlybird Start-up Science (for 1st and 2nd grades)
    2. MPH Science (1st - 6th grades)

  2. What are the differences between the different Primary Science series for 1st - 6th grades?
    The Earlybird Start-up Science series is a fun series aimed at introducing young learners to scientific concepts.

  3. Do you have sample pages for review?
    Yes, sample pages are listed under the Contents_Sample tab on the product detail information page of each item.

  4. Do you have contents for each level?
    Yes, contents are listed under the Contents_Sample tab on the product detail information page of each item.

  5. Are the activities and experiments suitable for homeschoolers?
    Most of the activities can be done by homeschoolers, but some of them do require material that is relatively expensive, as they were written for a classroom situation and meant to give the students exposure to scientific investigation using laboratory material. The experiments that require material that is too expensive or hard to obtain can be skipped or substituted with other experiments.

  6. What if I have more questions about using these books?
    Please visit our forum and post your questions and concerns.

Earlybird Start-Up Science

  1. How many books are there in this series?
    There are four books in the Earlybird Start-Up Science series suitable for 1st through 2nd grades. There are no workbooks or teacher's guides for this series.

MPH Science International Edition

  1. How many books are there in this series?
    This series consists of a set of books for each year. The components for Primary 1 through 6 consist of the following:
    • 2 textbooks
    • 2 activity books
    • 2 Teacherís Guides

  2. Are answers provided for the activity books?
    Answers are in the Teacherís Guide.

  3. I homeschool my children. Do I need the Teacherís Guide?
    Teacher's Guides are simply guides. They make the program more complete. Whether you need it or not depends on your style. The guides do round out the program by providing additional resources in the form of background information, additional activities, and internet links. As the experiments get more complicated, the guides provide more help with preparation.

    Teacher's Guides do include the answers to the questions in the textbook and to the activity book. Because this is an inquiry-based program, the textbook and activity book are meant to stimulate interest and a desire to find out more about science outside of the textbook alone. Doing all the enrichment and exploration activities in the textbook and activity book, plus adding in other science books from the library would round out the program just as well as the additional information a teacher would provide from the resources in the guide.

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