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Primary Mathematics Supplement titles

Please note that you can review contents and samples for each title by clicking on the "Contents_Samples" tab underneath the product image on the page for that specific book.

Series written for Primary Mathematics

Supplementary Titles for Primary MathematicsSingapore Math Inc.® carries four titles that are written for Primary Mathematics. Extra Practice comes in all three Editions: U.S., Standards, and Common Core. Challenging Word Problems comes in a U.S. and Common Core Edition. Singapore Math® Intensive Practice is written for the U.S. Edition. These books can be used with other Editions, as long as the instructor takes care in selecting exercises, as the scope and sequence of the three Editions varies.

Math Sprints, available in workbooks and in Blackline Masters, was written also specifically for Singapore Math® programs. Mental math takes center stage in this six-book series, effective for classroom settings, small group teaching and one-on-one learning. Each exercise is presented with two options, both aimed at making mental math fun.

Additional Supplementary Math Series

Note: These series are not adapted for the U.S.; rather they are books used in Singapore and for that reason contain British spelling, conventions and units of measurement.

Supplementary-titles-Primary-MathematicsMath Express Speed Maths Strategies helps students develop strategies for mental calculation, playing and experimenting with numbers, problem simplification and analysis, and having fun with math. This series offers six books suitable for Grades 1-7, and can be used with nearly any elementary mathematics program, including any Edition of Primary Mathematics. Speed Maths can be used with any Primary Mathematics Edition or many other elementary-level math curricula, and as practice with mental math.

Process Skills in Problem Solving offers engaging exercises to develop competency in thinking and problem solving skills. Problems use Singapore approach strategies and become more challenging as the student progresses through the six books in the Process Skills series. This series works well for students using Primary Mathematics or another mathematics curriculum.

Math Works (Maths Works) is available for grades 5-6 for students who need additional practice and can be used for students transitioning to a Singapore Math® program from another series to help them understand the various strategies common in the Singapore approach.

Educators seeking additional professional development for these or any Singapore Math® titles can review our list of Professional Development providers here.