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How can schools order books?
Schools and institutions can send purchase orders by:
Singapore Math Inc.
19535 SW 129th Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062
Phone: 503-557-8100
Fax: 503-557-8103

What Singapore Math programs are available?

Pricing and availability of Dimensions Math PK-5...
Click here.

Is Dimensions Math® PK-5 aligned with the common core?
DM PK-5 is not precisely aligned with the CC Standards, but covers all the standards in its own unique progression. Any few standards not included in the textbooks (for example, line plots of measurements to fractions of an inch in grade 3) are in teacher's guides. Please look at Dimensions Math to CCSS alignments for more information.

Are there online resources for Dimensions Math PK-5?
Yes. Please go to to view online resources.

Training programs for teachers...
Click here for a list of trainers and training companies with experience teaching Singapore Math ® curriculum. Many offer consulting services to help in school implementation and adoption plans.

What is supplementary math? Are these books part of the curriculum?
Supplementary books are an optional resource for extra practice and differentiated learning. They can be used with Singapore math programs or with other math programs. Find out more.

What does a pilot look like?
Schools interested in piloting our Singapore Math® programs may email to learn about the available options. It is important to understand upfront that training and professional development is highly recommended for schools implementing and/or piloting for the first time. For this reason, adequate time should be allotted to schedule and receive training prior to starting.

I teach high school. My kids are struggling with math. What books/resources do you have that could help my students?
The core and supplemental materials we offer are geared towards elementary and middle school students. High school educators may consider our general teaching handbooks for themselves, or our supplemental titles including Math Works for their students.

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