We established Singapore Math Inc.® (formerly Singaporemath.com Inc®) in 1998 with the mission to bring high quality Singapore mathematics books to the American market. Our story began when we moved back to the U.S. from Singapore, where our daughter attended local schools through the first grade, and were dissatisfied with the quality of math materials used at her new elementary school. We decided to supplement her schoolwork with the series of math books that she used in Singapore. Our company was built on our belief that schools and homeschoolers across the country should have access to the excellent math books that we used to tutor our daughter.

In 1998, the Singapore approach was virtually unknown in the U.S. (except by some academics and a prominent math foundation, Gabriella and Paul Rosenbaum Foundation). Interest in the Singapore math products that we introduced to the American market grew steadily through successful school adoptions and word-of-mouth advertising until educators and the media began to pay attention. Since those early years, the Singapore Math® method has become an established part of the national conversation about math education. For more details about our history and to see what people have to say, visit our media coverage page.

This is our eighteenth year in business and we are proud that so many schools and homeschoolers continue to successfully implement the Singapore Math® program with positive results. In recent years, larger publishing houses have noticed the popularity of what we brought to the educational book market and have since used the term "Singapore Math" to describe their series. Our products are the original. It is inspiring to know that what we introduced to education in the U.S. has such mass appeal both nationwide and worldwide that mainstream math publishers see its value. It is also humbling to know that the term "Singapore Math" originated from our garage. We thank our early champions and loyal customers for making our hard work worthwhile. We know you have many options when it comes to which math curricula to adopt and where to buy your books. We appreciate your support of Singapore Math Inc.® and we remain committed to raising the standards of math education in the U.S.

Jeffery and Dawn Thomas
Singapore Math Inc.®

Singapore Math® is a trademark of Singapore Math Inc. and Marshall Cavendish Education Private Limited.

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