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Nancy is available throughout the year to train and provide support for teachers, coaches, and administrators. She also works with administrators to develop successful adoption and implementation plans for their schools and districts.

After 19 years of classroom teaching, Nancy Fields spent four years managing the implementation of Singapore Math® curriculum in the Hall County School District (Georgia) before taking on the role of elementary assistant principal. In 2013 she began serving other educators throughout the United States as a Singapore Math® presenter and implementation consultant. Since then, she has led workshops in more than 14 states.

Nancy’s interest and excitement about the Singapore approach began in 2005 when she was asked to pilot the program in her fourth grade classroom. As her enthusiasm grew, so did her desire to see the program taught throughout her school district. Knowing the level of teacher training and commitment that would be needed for the program to succeed, she created an implementation plan that included training and sustained support.

Over the four years from 2007-2011, Fields coordinated and guided the successful district-wide rolling adoption of Primary Mathematics in 20 elementary schools. Through meetings, surveys, personal conversations, emails, and video conferencing, the district's needs for math curriculum and related support were identified and met. Long and short-term goals were developed and measured using ITBS and CRCT scores as a benchmark.

Training, a key component of the implementation, included professional development and small-group sessions with teachers, administrators and parents. She also assisted with budgeting for and purchasing of curriculum materials, and worked with the development of the school's math websites, instructional videos, pacing guides, alignment to state standards, and modeling of math lessons and strategies. In 2010, Fields presented the district implementation plan of Singapore Math® curriculum at the International Singapore Math Forum in Singapore.

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