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In 2005, Kathleen Jalalpour spearheaded the adoption of Singapore Math ® curriculum at Keys School in Palo Alto, California, where it is proving to be a resounding success. She has many years of teaching with the Singapore approach, from kindergarten through 8th grade as both a classroom instructor and math specialist.

A native of Northern California, Jalalpour studied and taught many years in Berlin, Germany. After returning to the U.S., she was frustrated with the U.S. approach to math education, and spent years striving to develop her own curriculum that would teach math conceptually, from the concrete to the abstract in long units. Since adopting the Singapore Math® program, she has found a curriculum that teaches math as it should be taught, and is passionate about spreading awareness of this curriculum to schools and teachers in the U.S.

She has conducted dozens of school trainings and workshops nationwide, spoken at conferences and written the book "The First Six Weeks - Introducing Singapore Math to 5th and 6th Graders." A great resource for schools adopting Singapore Math® curriculum, the book helps students transition to math using the Singapore approach.

Jalalpour founded The Pi Project in with Corrinne Khoo-Lieu. The company is a partnership of two teachers: Khoo-Lieu is a trained teacher from Singapore, and Jalalpour is a veteran teacher with years of experience teaching at all grade levels, K-8. Both have taught Singapore Math® programs since 2005 at Keys School in Palo Alto. Since one trainer is Singaporean and one is American, they have developed a bi-cultural view of teaching methodologies that is uniquely suited to the US classroom. They have conducted Singapore Math® training at dozens of schools and given presentations at NCTM, ASCD, CAIS and NWMC. They base their training on the firm belief that all children can learn math!

The Pi Project offers consultation services for schools considering adopting a new math curriculum, as well as training for school administrators, curriculum specialists, math coaches, teachers, and parents.