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Dr. Kevin Mahoney has been a teacher of elementary mathematics since 1989. A "math war" veteran, he has worked with a wide variety of math programs both old and new. In 2011, he became the first American to investigate Singapore's elementary teaching methods at the doctoral level, publishing original academic research on the effects of Singaporean pedagogy on American math students.

When educators are looking for help with curriculum change, they often seek a person who is currently using the particular curriculum in the classroom: an individual who has been through the ups and downs of implementation. Dr. Mahoney brings his years of experience as a current independent school administrator, teacher and parent to his work with faculty and education leaders in the independent school world.

Although he consults with schools nationwide as well as in Canada and Europe, Dr. Mahoney has kept his day job. He serves as Math Curriculum Coordinator at an independent elementary school outside Boston, Massachusetts. The joyful work of teaching children and supporting faculty growth is what gets him up in the morning. As a consultant, he collaborates with educational leaders to develop customized implementation plans for their schools, fun and comfortable trainings for teachers, and engaging presentations to parents or boards of trustees. Most schools begin with an initial two to three day initial training, and often invite Dr. Mahoney back for individualized help during the school year, including model lessons, grade-level consults, teacher observations and parent math nights.

Dr. Mahoney is known for using a warm and humorous teaching style as a catalyst for professional learning, "These new ways of teaching and learning math were definitely challenging to some of my teachers," writes an independent school client, "but Kevin is so approachable that he put those folks at ease and in the end my teachers left the workshop with real confidence and even enthusiasm for the work ahead."

In addition to his customized on-site consulting work, Dr. Mahoney offers a Summer Institute in the Boston area for new hires and teachers new to Singapore's pedagogy. After initial trainings, Dr. Mahoney now leverages teleconferencing technology to provide face-to-face online learning to both teachers and students. Using these tools, Dr. Mahoney mentors individual teachers and small professional groups. He also provides distance face-to-face tutoring to individual children whose schools or parents have recommended them for extra support or enrichment.

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