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Tricia Salerno’s passion is teaching students, teachers, math coaches, curriculum directors and yes, even parents, how math can be fun. As the math coach at Benchmark School in Arizona, Tricia was looking for a “better way” to engage students with their learning and instill a love of math. In her research she found Singapore’s Third Edition of Primary Mathematics. As an early adopter, Benchmark used the U.S. version of the curriculum, which included textbooks and workbooks, however teachers’ manuals were not available at that time.

The Benchmark team dug in and really learned what Singapore Math® programs were all about. The lack of Teacher's Guides and the huge differences in the Singapore teaching method made the first year a little rough, but test scores testified the efficacy of the program. Through this experience, Salerno and her team learned just how important effective Professional Development was for the Singapore approach.

There was media attention in the Phoenix area and requests from other schools to help them implement Singapore Math® programs. As they say, the rest is history. Tricia, along with a core group of teachers, left Benchmark in 2007 to spread the word. In 2008, Tricia formed SMARTTraining, LLC working with schools in the U.S., South America, Bermuda, Switzerland, and, via webinar, Thailand and China.

As a former lawyer and classroom teacher for grades K-6, Tricia and SMARTTraining bring a unique perspective to assisting schools implementing the Singapore method. Because of her belief that on-going support is critical to a successful implementation, free email support is offered and encouraged to SMARTT trained schools. Tricia is excited to hear from the teachers she has trained, and keep administration informed of teachers’ progress through the year. Tricia and her team at SMARTTraining counsel prior to adoption, provide full days of PD on both Primary Mathematics and math content, teach model lessons, coach teachers in presentation, assist in school wide improvement plans as well as presenting workshops around the country on Singapore-specific topics.

Tricia has been a speaker for Bureau of Educational Research, Staff Development for Educators, Core Knowledge Conferences, NCTM (both regional and national events), and California Charter School Conferences. Tricia is also a co-author of the Official State of California Singapore Primary Mathematics training manual, Singapore Math Intervention Club, and Review Singapore Math (a summer bridging book for grades 1-6). Tricia was a math curriculum author and editor on EngageNY.

Tricia is also the author of the very popular Differentiated Sprints as well as the soon-to-be-published mental activities to accompany the Primary Mathematics Common Core version. Tricia has created workshops for “Teaching Fractions with Logic”, “Advanced Bar Model Drawing," “The Flipped Classroom,” “Strategies to Develop Number Sense and Mental Math,” and “Introduction to Bar Model Drawing.”

Check out Tricia and other SMARTTrainers on the company website and on YouTube.