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Cassandra Turner has been “passionate about the Singapore Math® program” since first encountering the program in 2001. An independent math trainer and coach since 2008, Turner has introduced the Singapore Math® program to thousands of teachers, administrators and parents in 40+ U.S. states, Mexico, Canada, Ghana, and the Republic of Palau.

Turner enjoys working with schools throughout the entire curriculum research and implementation progress, starting with identifying the best curriculum. Available for consultation as well as training, Turner works with schools to develop a custom training program based on factors including teacher and student readiness, budget, time, and other resources.

Length of training for each school varies - some prefer a one to two day training, others develop a year-long comprehensive training schedule, and others map out a multi-year plan. Turner is available to train math coaches, teachers, and administrators, and offers parental training through orientation events and more intensive bootcamps. Even students can work directly with Turner through enrichment programs such as after-school math clubs.

Formerly a teacher that used Primary Mathematics at several grade levels, Turner traveled to Singapore in 2007 to see the curriculum from the source and co-authored a Singapore Math® Training Manual approved by the State of California the following year. In 2012, Turner was awarded a contract by the Republic of Palau to assist the Ministry of Education with the implementation of the Singapore Math® curriculum.

In addition to on-site training at schools across the U.S. and internationally, Turner conducts two different Singapore Math® Workshops for the Bureau of Education & Research. Her website,, features news, resources, reviews and a schedule of her training events. She will even create workshops for schools interested in pooling resources for a more comprehensive program.

Turner is a devoted champion of Singapore Math® programs, who loves to work with schools and teachers to make every child in every classroom a competent and confident mathematics student.