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Dimension Math® 6–8

Dimensions Math 6-8 brings the Singapore math approach into middle school, emphasizing problem solving and empowering students to think mathematically. Thoughtful sequencing helps students build a complex understanding and apply math concepts to situations outside the classroom. This rigorous series integrates pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and some trigonometry and advanced math topics.

Take a Look Inside:


Textbooks introduce concepts using different approaches to facilitate understanding and stimulate interest to further explore math topics.

Workbooks offer more opportunities to practice concepts covered in the textbooks. These exercises help students polish their analytical skills and develop a stronger foundation.

Teacher’s Guides (Grade 6) provide teaching suggestions and important information for educators to help students achieve math mastery. Teaching Notes and Solutions (Grades 7-8) contain detailed notes and fully worked solutions for all questions and problems in textbooks. Workbook Solutions provide detailed worked solutions to all problems in workbooks.

Lesson Flow

Lessons begin with a class activity to encourage discovery. Worked examples of new concepts are followed by similar questions for students to solidify their understanding.

Exercises include:
  • Basic Practice: Simple questions that drill comprehension of concepts
  • Further Practice: More challenging questions that involve direct application
  • Challenging Practice: Questions that require synthesis
  • Maths@Work: Questions that apply mathematical concepts to real world situations
  • Brainworks and Enrichment: Questions involving higher order thinking or an open-ended approach to problems.

Each chapter in grades 7-8 is followed by a review exercise. The Extend Your Learning Curve activity encourages students to consider math outside the classroom with questions requiring sentence or paragraph reflections on their learning experiences.

The right margins contain important information, ideas, and definitions. These helps students recall content covered earlier as it relates to current material, and discuss interesting puzzles or facts that are related to math.

Standards Alignment
Dimensions Math 6-8 covers the Common Core Standards in its own progression.

Scope and Sequence