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  1. What tests series do you offer?
    Primary Mathematics. Singapore Math® Tests 1-5 is written for Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition. Primary Mathematics Standards Edition Tests 1-6 is written for Primary Mathematics Standards Edition.

  2. Does it matter which tests series I choose?
    The two tests series are not interchangeable.

  3. Are tests a required part of the program?
    Educators may choose whether or not they want to include assessments in their use of the Primary Mathematics curriculum.

  4. Do test books come with answers?
    Yes, test answers are in the back of the books for both the test series.

  5. Are test books perforated?
    Yes, both tests series have perforated pages.

  6. Are test books for school use only?
    The test books can be used in both classroom and home settings.

  7. Are test books for testing only?
    The test books can be used as extra practice.

  8. Are sample pages available?
    Yes, sample pages are on the description page of each test book.

  9. Why are there A and B books for each level?
    Both test series follow the program structure of the core textbooks and workbooks. Book A covers the first half of the year, and Book B covers the second half.

  10. What’s the difference between the A and B tests for each unit in Singapore Math® Tests for Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition?
    The A tests assess understanding and application of key concepts and fundamental problem solving skills. The B tests assess analytical and thinking skills and heuristics. The A tests are suitable for all students. The B tests are for more advanced students.

  11. What’s the difference between the A and B tests for each unit in Primary Mathematics Standards Edition Tests?
    Test A consists of free-response questions and assesses students' grasp of mathematical concepts while developing problem-solving skills. Test B is optional and consists of multiple-choice questions aimed at testing student comprehension of key concepts. As such, it may be used as a retest if teachers perceive the need.

  12. Are digital versions available?
    There are only print versions available at this time.

  13. How are Singapore Math® Tests for Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition different from the tests available on Primary Digital?
    The Singapore Math® Tests and the digital assessments cover the same topics and concepts, but each contains a completely different set of test questions.

Supplementary Math for Grades 1-6

  1. What is supplementary math? Are these books part of the curriculum?
    Supplementary books are an optional resource for extra practice and differentiated learning. With the exception of Extra Practice for the Standards and Common Core Editions, all our supplementary material is designed for use with any of our series. These materials can also be used by students who have an entirely different core math curricula (not Singapore math).

    See the chart below to determine which supplementary titles could be a good fit for you.

  2. Do you have supplements for kindergarten?
    Please see the Kindergarten Math FAQ.

  3. Do you have supplements for the secondary level books (grades 7 and up)?
    At the secondary level, the textbooks are the core material, and the workbooks are supplementary.

  4. Do you have table of contents for these books? Sample pages?
    Yes. Each supplementary product page contains a table of contents and sample pages. Click here for an overview of
    Sample pages.

  5. Are there answers?
    Yes. All the supplementary books we carry include answer keys.

  6. Are there teacher guides?
    No. These are practice books and not intended for teaching concepts. Answer keys and some solutions are in the back of the book.
Comparison of Supplementary Math Books

Title Grades Description Recommended use Recommended Edition of Primary Mathematics

Extra Practice
1-6 Standards Edition; 1-5 Common Core Edition
  • "Friendly Notes" review concepts
  • Exercises follow, one for each chapter in that unit of Primary Mathematics
  • Level of difficulty and the format is similar to that of Primary Mathematics
  • For students who need more practice at the end of each chapter of Primary Mathematics
  • "Friendly Notes" allow parents to see how a topic is taught in school
  • Summer review
  • Standards Edition and Common Core Edition
Extra Practice 1-6
(1 book per grade)
  • Problems arranged topically with occasional assessments
  • Level of difficulty and the format is similar to that of Primary Mathematics
  • For students who need more practice than workbooks provide
  • Source for test problems
  • Summer review
  • U.S. Edition
Intensive Practice

(2 books per grade)
  • Each topic has 3 sections: practice, word problems, challenges
  • Problems section: computation problems, simple word problems,
  • Word problems section: challenging word problems that require new problem-solving approaches
  • Challenges section: puzzles and brain-teasers
  • For more capable students as enrichment
  • Classroom discussion material
  • The first section of each topic can be used independently by students, but the second and third sections require guidance from an educator
  • U.S. Edition
  • Can be used with any edition but do not include all topics in either the Standards Edition or Common Core Edition
Challenging Word Problems

  • Problems are arranged topically in chapters
  • Chapters are divided into practice problems and challenge problems with some worked examples
  • Computation skills correspond to Primary Mathematics, but problem solving skills are more advanced than the core curriculum
  • For more capable students as enrichment
  • Even capable students will need some guidance
  • Introduces model drawing sooner than in Primary Mathematics
  • Use with any edition
  • Use with books in earlier levels to introduce more advanced topics
Visible Thinking in Mathematics

1A-5B, 6
(2 books per grade for grades 1 through 5; 1 book for grade 6)
  • Organized topically
  • Includes material for discussion, problems for students to solve independently after the discussion
  • Note: This series has not been adapted for the U.S. Includes metric measurement units and Singapore currency
  • For students who need additional practice to master concepts
  • Summer review
  • Use with any edition
Math Sprints

  • Includes worksheets of 12-18 similar problems meant to be done in 1 minute for mental math practice
  • Includes mental math with fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • Helps students increase speed and accuracy with mental computation
  • Use with any edition
Process Skills

  • Uses a variety of heuristic approaches, such as guess and check, simplify the problem, draw a diagram, look for a pattern, and make a list
  • Emphasis on bar models for word problem
  • Note: This series has not been adapted for the U.S.
  • Helps students understand the model approach when starting Primary Mathematics later than grade 3
  • Word problem practice using the model and other approaches
  • Classroom discussion material
  • Use with any edition
  • Use with books in earlier levels to introduce more advanced topics
Math Express

  • Introductory problems with explanations of problem solving strategies
  • Practice worksheets
  • Speed and accuracy tests
  • Note: This series has not been adapted for the U.S.
  • Use with more capable students to increase speed and accuracy in math computation through a variety of strategies
  • Use with any edition
Complete Maths Guides

  • Comprehensive notes and worked examples to teach methods of problem solving
  • Exercises include short practice problems and challenging thinking questions
  • Useful study tips facilitate understanding of concepts
  • Note: This series has not been adapted for the U.S.
  • Use to provide a thorough review of math topics. Includes objectives, review notes, practice, challenge, and answers.
  • Use with any edition
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