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Dear forum users,

On August 1, 2019, we will begin closing the Singapore Math forum.

You will still be able to view archived forum content by visiting http://forum.singaporemath.com/ but no new posting will be possible after August 1. For any future Singapore Math help, please visit our private Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/singaporemathusers, or reach out to us directly at customerservice@singaporemath.com. Thank you for being a part of our community!

Please review guidelines (listed below) before participating in our forum.

Forum Guidelines

  • Math Help forum is not to provide explanation of concepts or approaches already provided in the core curriculum or guides.

  • The General forums are for Singapore Math Inc. customers, who have bought the books from us or one of our re-sellers, to discuss implementation and use of the books. Only registered users can post to these forums.

  • On the Math Help forums, the moderator will help with solutions to problems in Singapore Math books sold by Singapore Math Inc. for which there are no published solutions or can clarify published solutions as needed. Other registered members may help with any solutions.

  • When requesting a solution or help on a problem for any of our core Primary Math curriculum material, please post in the forum the edition you are using and put the page number and problem number in the subject line. For any of our supplements, please also include the book name (acronyms are OK, such as IP for Intensive Practice) as well as the problem number and page number in the subject line. Please give some idea of how you approached the problem and where you got stuck. If you don't understand the solution in a guide, please indicate which guide you are using.

  • Please be courteous in terms of language and tone used. Any offensive messages will be promptly removed.

  • Buying and selling of used books is not permitted on these forums.

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