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Singapore Math® curriculum allows educators to create an enriching learning experience in which concepts are taught to mastery with a progression from hands-on to pictorial to abstract, allowing students to apply critical thinking and problem solving throughout their school career and to everyday situations. The information on this page is for schools and individuals considering a Singapore Math® program for their students.

Not all textbooks with the word "Singapore" on them are true Singapore Math® titles. Singapore Math Inc.® was the first company to bring the curriculum from Singapore to the U.S. and is still the only distributor of the original Primary Mathematics Series. In addition, Singapore Math Inc.® has created a number of supplemental titles for extra practice in the Singapore Math® method, as well as our own exclusive Kindergarten Math book, Essential Math. Singapore Math Inc.® also offers middle and high school mathematics curriculum built on the mathematics framework created in 1982 by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Singapore Math® Curriculum For Schools

You already hold the key to your students' success with Singapore Math ® programs: your teaching staff. With Singapore Math® curriculum, teachers are encouraged to use the Teacher's Guide as a compass, but to slow down or speed up their program to match their classroom's progress. Students are encouraged to solve problems using critical thinking and a solid foundation of math sense. Supplemental titles offer challenges to advanced students and intervention materials when students need a little additional practice to master a mathematical concept.

If you are a school representative interested in adopting a Singapore Math® curriculum at your school,
click here to learn more and email our School Customer Service Team for more information. Please include your school name, number of students, and contact information.

Singapore Math® Curriculum For Home Educators and Parents

Whether you are a home educator, taking part in a co-education program, or looking for additional mathematics titles for the budding mathematician in your life, Singapore Math Inc. ® has textbooks, activity books, and supplemental titles to support your student's path to success. This combination of core textbooks, engaging activity books, and diversely challenging supplemental exercise books allow you to create a curriculum tailored to your student.

Singapore Math® books are numbered, but students should always take one of our placement tests when working with Singapore Math® materials for the first time. The arrangement of our materials makes it easy for you to spend extra time where needed and move quickly through material already mastered.

Learn more about getting started with Singapore Math® curriculum, print out placement tests, and view resources for home educators and parents here.

Singapore Math® Curriculum For Distributors

You are a distributor is you have a bookstore or online store. If you are a distributor located in the U.S. or Canada that sells educational books, you could become a Singapore Math ® distributor. Our distributors are allowed to sell to U.S. homeschool families. We do not wholesale to companies selling to U.S. public and charter schools - Singapore Math Inc.® is a sole source provider to those entities.

If you are a book distributor interested in adding Singapore Math® titles to your shelf, click here to email our Distributor Customer Service Team. Be sure to include your company name and website, along with a brief description of your business.

You are a College Bookstore if you are selling to college students using the Elementary Math for Teachers and Elementary Geometry for Teachers by Parker and Baldridge.

Learn more about being a Singapore Math® distributor or college bookstore.