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Have you heard of our latest Singapore math program? Dimensions Math PK-3 is now available!

Dimensions Math Workbook 3B is now available. Teacher's Guide 3B will be available in April.

The first Singapore Math® curriculum for the U.S. started in our home and we love sharing it with other parents. We've worked closely with homeschoolers from the start. Homeschooling or supplementing with Singapore Math curriculum is a supported experience.

Our books are based on the sequence of topics used in the original Primary Mathematics series. Because of the "concrete to pictorial to abstract" approach, it is easier to teach new topics using material from the level where it is first introduced. Please look at the table of contents in levels earlier than your child's grade level and decide if it may be beneficial to get an earlier level. We also have a forum and the Singapore Math Curriculum Users Group on Facebook where you can communicate with other parents.

We are excited to bring you Dimensions Math® PK-5 series. For over two decades, we have made continuous adaptations and improvements to Singapore math options. We've listened to what educators and parents want from an elementary mathematics curriculum, and have created the Dimensions Math series with that in mind. Dimensions Math PK-5 series is our own publication. As such, we've been able to price it fairly. We believe that math textbooks with great content and engaging graphics should be affordable.


Dimensions Math

Dimensions Math PK-K by Endless Learning (video)

Dimensions Math PK-5 by Cathy Duffy Reviews

Dimensions Math 6-8 by Cathy Duffy Reviews

Primary Mathematics

Primary Mathematics 1-6 by Cathy Duffy Reviews

Here's the list of our programs suitable for homeschooling.

Dimensions Math (PK-8)

- updated aspects to the highly effective Singapore math pedagogy and methodology.
- cohesive PreK-G8 series.
- beautiful graphics and vibrant colors to engage young learners.
- online resources.

EarlyBird Kindergarten (K)

- Earlybird Kindergarten helps prepare students for the Primary Mathematics curriculum.
- there are two editions of Earlybird Kindergarten.

Primary Mathematics (1-6)

- Primary Mathematics is the first Singapore math curriculum that we introduced to the U.S. in 1998.
- there are three editions of Primary Mathematics.
- we will continue to offer Primary Mathematics.

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The Dimensions Math Teacher's Guides are geared towards classroom instruction, but are also useful at home. We know that many of you would prefer to have home guides, so we hope to start publishing them in 2019.

Dimensions Math Tests 1-3 will be available in 2019.

Meanwhile, don't forget to visit for online resources available.

Our team is working hard to bring you the best. Thank you for continuing this math journey with us.

Singapore Math ® Training for Home Educators

Home educators interested in training and ongoing support can contact Brenda Barnett, founder of Singapore Math ®Live. Singapore Math ® Live provides home educators with tools and information for teaching Primary Mathematics.

Primary Mathematics - top Elementary Math programs by the readers of Practical Homeschooling in 2014.