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We've enjoyed working closely with parents and homeschoolers from the start. Our challenging and focused math programs are highly popular with parents as they help students build a strong foundation in mental math and complex mathematical thinking.

Great Options

The following series are well-suited to the needs of homeschoolers:

Dimensions Math (PK-5)
  • Updated version of the highly effective Singapore Math Approach, including the CPA progression, bar models, number bonds, and mental math
  • Beautiful graphics and vibrant colors to engage young learners
  • Online resources, including videos, Blackline Masters, lesson materials, and letters home
  • Affordable prices make this series widely accessible
Earlybird Kindergarten (K)
  • Systematic introduction to essential math concepts and basic reasoning skills
  • Prepares students for Primary Mathematics curriculum
Primary Mathematics (1-6)
  • Epitomizes the Singapore Math Approach, with the CPA progression, bar models, and number bonds
  • Strong emphasis on mental math
  • Balances supervised and independent learning
  • Clear graphics and thoughtful sequencing of lessons
Dimensions Math (6-8)
  • Rigorous program that empowers students to think mathematically
  • Integrates pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, some trigonometry, and advanced math topics
  • Builds complex understanding of math that can be applied outside the classroom

Singapore Math Users Community

Connect with other parents, teachers, and homeschoolers to share teaching tips, demonstrate how to solve problems, or ask any question you have about getting the most out of your Singapore Math program. Join Here (requires a Facebook account).

Free Placement Test

What level is right for your student? Find out here!

Singapore Math Training for Home Educators

Home educators interested in training and ongoing support can contact Brenda Barnett of Singapore Math Live, which provides tools and information for teaching Primary Mathematics at home.

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News and Results