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Singapore Math® books are a popular choice of homeschool families and for parents looking for math activity books to support what their child is learning in school. We also offer titles to help home educators understand the foundations of Singapore Math® methodology, giving you tools to help your student be successful and have fun.

Homeschooling with Singapore Math® Curriculum

The first step is to understand what makes Singapore Math® curriculum different. Just like careers, not every math curriculum is right for every student. The most important factor in selecting a curriculum for your child is finding one that will help them succeed. Learn more about Singapore Math Inc.® here, and feel free at any time to post a question in our free Math Help forum. There is a conversation there dedicated to helping parents determine if Singapore Math® books are right for their child.

This chart provides a step-by-step walk through to get started with Singapore Math® curriculum . We also offer placement tests, so that you can order the correct material for your child. Students older than 1st grade should be given a placement test, so you can assess their math knowledge and start them in the right book. Singapore Math® textbooks and activity books are written so that it's easy for you to speed up or slow down your progress to match your child's understanding of each subject. Success is built when students master each topic, so educators are encouraged to take the time they need for the student to have complete understanding of the material.

Once you have determined the appropriate level material, you can choose which Series you want to use. For Kindergarten Math, we offer two titles: Essential Math and Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics. For Elementary School, we offer two Editions of the Primary Mathematics Series: the U.S. Edition and the Common Core Edition. For Secondary School, we offer Dimensions Math. We recommend you review the contents and samples for each book by clicking on the "Contents_Samples" tab for each title.

Most of our textbooks have Activity Books available. Activity Books are an important part of the curriculum because they provide practice exercises for your child. For students in Grades 1-6 that may need additional practice to master the material, we offer a number of Supplemental Math titles that are either written for or compliment the Primary Mathematics Series.

Most titles also have a Home Instructor Guide available. These are written specifically for one-on-one and small group teaching. If you have the Home Instructor Guide, you will not need to purchase the Teacher's Guide as well.

We also offer English Grammar, Spelling, and Science curriculum, if you are looking for a true international curriculum. Please note these materials are written with British spellings and phrases. To learn more about these titles, read the product description for each.

Supplement Singapore Math® Titles

Singapore Math® Supplement Math includes titles for Kindergarten and Primary level math. Supplement Math is a great way to help your child improve their mathematics skills and develop deeper understanding of core concepts. Most of our supplement titles are written for or to compliment the Primary Mathematics series, but Speed Maths Strategies and Math Sprints can be used with nearly any curriculum or as standalone workbooks to develop problem solving and mental math skills.

Click to see Kindergarten Supplement Math and Primary School Supplement Math.

Singapore Math® Resources for Parents

If your child's school uses Singapore Math® curriculum and you'd like to learn more about the method, we recommend these two books:

Bar Modeling: A Problem Solving Tool

Teaching of Whole Numbers