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What is Singapore math?

Singapore math refers to the teaching method and curriculum used in Singapore, a nation that consistently ranks at the top of international assessments of student achievement in math. It’s based on a framework developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education that emphasizes mastery of concepts through dynamic problem solving and communication.

One of the defining features of Singapore math is visualization. The progression through concrete, pictorial, and abstract phases in understanding math concepts supports real-world application of math. Students start from hands-on activities, work through representations, then arrive at numbers.

When we first introduced the world to Singapore math, the core series Primary Mathematics encapsulated the approach. Almost two decades after bringing Singapore math to the U.S., it has become an established part of math education and comes in many forms. We're proud to have started the movement! We remain true to the essence of the Singapore approach as we add titles to our collection.

Why Singapore math?

Singapore math is a powerful method with proven results. It provides both instant improvement and long-term mastery. Singapore math teaches students the how and why of foundational math by steadily building skills with the goal of preparing them for more advanced topics. The approach is known for its focus on depth and concepts over memorization and drill.

Singapore math is about drawing connections, supporting the thinking process, and instilling comprehensive understanding. It encourages perseverance and naturally gives students confidence as they become equipped to solve problems using many different tools.

6 Reasons Why Singapore Math is the Better Way

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