Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve all shifted our time and attention even deeper into the virtual realm. This has made us imagine ways we can enrich the digital experience of Singapore math. We know that having more ways to engage online is important to our educators, and this pandemic has given us a good push in that direction.

Our first and most immediate goal has been to support the at-home learning experience of teachers, parents, and students during this unexpected transition. We released lesson videos covering the last few chapters of our Dimensions Math curriculum for grades 1-4 to make instruction easier. And, as always, Dimensions Math resources are free and available on our website. We hope these offerings help parents who are balancing work with impromptu homeschooling. Primary Mathematics users may also find these resources helpful, even if they are not completely synced with their particular programs.

As we mentioned, the new reality of social distancing (and moving most of our team to remote work) has also got us thinking about how we want to expand more substantially online, even after this pandemic ends. We are currently offering eBooks for Dimensions Math on a new platform for schools only (with the intention of making this option available to homeschoolers eventually). Digital Assessments will be ready for the upcoming school year. We are also very excited to have more video content for students and teachers in the works. We won’t give away too many details now, but stay tuned for updates about our growing online components.

We also started this blog to have a place to dive more deeply into Singapore math topics. We will share our thoughts on aspects of the Singapore math approach, the current math education landscape, and ways we’re evolving to serve our mission of making excellent math education accessible to all. Check in here for updates on our latest offerings, and to stay in the loop on all things Singapore math. If you haven’t already, join our Singapore Math communities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We hope you are experiencing some of the unexpected gifts that have arisen from this topsy-turvy time, like slowing down and spending more time with your loved ones. Your desire to provide a high quality and meaningful education matters, and we are happy to be here with you.