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Proven Results

Singapore consistently ranks at the top in international math testing. The intentional progression of concepts in the Singapore math approach instills a deep understanding of mathematics.

Two international tests, the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) and the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), assess math and science competency in countries around the world. Singapore students consistently rank among the top on both tests. 

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Key Features

CPA (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) Approach: Introduces concepts in a tangible way and progresses to increasing levels of abstraction. 

Number Bonds: Shows the part-whole relationship between numbers. 

Bar Modeling: Helps students visualize a range of math concepts, such as fractions, ratios, and percentages. Allows students to determine the knowns and unknowns in a given situation. 

Mental Math: Helps students develop number sense and flexibility in thinking about numbers. 

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Why Us?

Over 25 Years of Singapore Math®

We started Singapore Math Inc. over 25 years ago because we thought everyone should have access to this effective teaching approach. All of our programs preserve the techniques, sequencing, and rigor that define Singapore math. We continue to provide the original curriculum that put Singapore math on the map, while evolving the Singapore math approach through new series to better serve today’s students and educators.