Dimensions Math® 1–5
Digital Assessments

Dimensions Math® Digital Assessments allow teachers to systematically evaluate student progress with greater ease and accuracy. The platform includes interactive tests, auto-grading, and integration with most major LMS and education data applications. All official Dimensions Math tests from Grades 1–5 of the print series are available, and can be purchased as individual grades.

Digital Assessments are not available for purchase by individuals or homeschools, and can only be purchased through a purchase order.

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Teachers assign assessments to students through the
online portal.

There are two differentiated tests per chapter. Teachers may assign one or both, and tailor their assignments to individual student needs. They can also create their own tests and quizzes on the platform.

Test problems are identical to those in Dimensions Math Tests books. There are a variety of question types, which range from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blank, each with their own interactive features.

Assessments are automatically graded and quickly provide teachers with the information they need to address individual and whole class performance. This allows teachers to quickly identify topics that need revision or confirm that students have mastered new concepts.

The platform records scores from past tests, providing detailed data to track student growth and challenges
over time.

 Tests include alignments to Common Core State Standards, which means teachers can assign questions specifically to see how student performance is measuring up to
those requirements.