Welcome to the start of your Singapore math journey!

Step 1. Learn about our Singapore Math® programs

Our two most popular programs are Dimensions Math® PK–8 and Primary Mathematics 1–6.

Start by learning about what each has to offer to decide on a good fit.

Step 2. Give a placement test

Not sure which level is right for your child? We offer free placement tests to determine the appropriate starting point.

Step 3. Find the books and materials you need

Once you’ve decided on a program and a suitable grade, head to the shop to gather the material to make up a complete school year. 

Our programs divide the school year into two semesters: A and B. As an example, the complete year of Dimensions Math Grade 1 core materials includes 6 books: Dimensions Math Textbook 1A, Dimensions Math Workbook 1A, Dimensions Math Teacher’s Guide 1A, Dimensions Math Textbook 1B, Dimensions Math Workbook 1B, and Dimensions Math Teacher’s Guide 1B.

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Step 4. Connect to free resources, news, and our online community

There are so many ways to stay in the loop and continue learning with Singapore math! 

Connect with other parents and teachers on the Singapore Math user community Facebook group to get the most out of your curriculum. It’s a great place for sharing tips and asking questions.

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