In Dimensions Math 6-8 Textbooks, lessons engage students with different levels of problem solving and real world application of math topics. Lessons progress as follows:

Chapter Opener: Introduces a topic through a real world example and identifies learning objectives.

Example: Helps students understand and master a concept through a worked example. 

Try It!: Gives students an opportunity to answer a similar question to check how well they have grasped the concept.

Class Activity: Introduces new concepts through cooperative learning methods.

Basic Practice: Provides simple questions that involve the direct application of concepts.

Further Practice: Provides more challenging questions that involve the direct application of concepts.

Math@Work: Provides questions that involve the application of integrated concepts to practical situations.

Brainworks: Provides higher-order thinking questions that involve an open-ended approach to problem solving.

In A Nutshell: Consolidates important rules and concepts for quick and easy review.

Extend Your Learning Curve: Extends and applies concepts to problems that are investigative in nature and engages students in independent research.