Earlybird Kindergarten provides a systematic introduction to essential math concepts and basic reasoning skills. Through engaging graphics, hands-on tasks, and active participation, students build a strong foundation that prepares them for elementary math.

Earlybird Kindergarten Common Core Edition aligns with the Common Core State Standards. Earlybird Kindergarten Standards Edition aligns with the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools.

Earlybird Kindergarten Components:

Textbooks develop concepts in a focused and fun way. Each unit includes several lessons with a specific learning objective. Exercises that focus on repetition ensure the reinforcement of facts. Math at Home activities in tear-out sheets provide opportunities for family involvement in the learning process. Detailed instructions for parents are provided in the teaching notes.

Activity Books follow the sequence of textbooks and provide opportunities for consolidation, remediation, and enrichment.

Teacher’s Guides offer useful and detailed suggestions to facilitate meaningful engagement. They include step-by-step lesson plans and ideas to develop concepts in a compelling way.

Essential Math is a Kindergarten series that encourages students to explore and understand the world around them through math. This series does not align specifically with an elementary program, but makes a good early math education on its own or as a supplement.

New Elementary Mathematics covers Grades 7-8. It emphasizes the development of mathematical concepts and their applications, proficiency in problem solving, reasoning, and higher order thinking. It lays a solid foundation for high school level math. The series includes a textbook, a workbook, and solution manual for each grade.

New Elementary Components:
Textbooks include differentiated exercises for students at various levels, class activities, and chapter reviews. Many opportunities for revision reinforce skill mastery.

Workbooks include questions for more practice and tests to assess students at various stages. They make an excellent supplement, and are not an integral part of the program.

Solution Manuals are a great resource and guide for instructors when working through difficult problems with students. They provide step-by-step solutions to the main textbook exercises.

Earlybird Science (Grades 1-2) opens the door to the challenging and engrossing world of scientific discovery. Simple explanations of concepts are illustrated and reinforced in the activities and experiments that follow. The series is filled with interesting topics ranging from satellites and dinosaurs to the care of pets in everyday life.

My Pals Are Here Science (Grades 1-6) offers an experiential entry into scientific processes and concepts. This colorful series sparks student curiosity and encourages inquisitiveness. Relatable examples from everyday life make science accessible.

Lower Secondary Science (Grades 7-8) helps students discover scientific knowledge in real life contexts. Purposeful visuals, experiments, problems, and projects communicate the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics. Critical thinking is encouraged.

Science Matters (Grades 9-10) covers biology, chemistry, and physics at the high school level. The series promotes learning through engaging activities, and prepares students for practical competencies needed in today’s world.