Independently choosing the teaching tools and methods that work for your children is one of the great advantages of homeschooling. It allows you to tailor your kids’ days to their individual strengths, and discover the ideal conditions for their growth. The search for a math program can be illuminating and rewarding if you approach it like an exercise in learning more about yourself as an educator – and your child as a student. Spending time early on to understand your requirements will help cut through the paralyzing number of choices, and pays off in years of enjoyable daily math lessons.

Here are a few questions to ask when sifting through math programs:

  • What are my child’s favored or dominant modes of learning? Kinesthetic (physical), spatial (visual), logical?

  • What level of conceptual depth is right for my child? Does it seem like my child has a knack for understanding and applying math principles? Or is mastering the basics challenging enough?

  • What kind of teaching support does the program offer?

  • What kind of extra resources come with the program?

  • What can I learn from other homeschoolers who share some of my circumstances and philosophy?

  • How do the sample pages look? Do the materials themselves inspire delight, and seem like something I and my kids would want to engage with for years?

  • What is the cost for one year?

If you’re exploring Singapore math for the first time or need a refresher on what exactly defines this unique math approach, see our introductory guide. It may also be helpful to check out reviews from other parents.

Singapore math could be right for you if you are looking for a program based on mastery. And by “mastery” we aren’t just talking about the end goal, but a style of learning that emphasizes deep exploration of one topic at a time, with cumulative reviews dotted throughout to help keep concepts fresh and accessible. In Singapore math, topics are approached from multiple perspectives over time to immerse students in the how and why of math. Lessons are intentionally sequenced to establish a firm rooting that steadily grows in conceptual complexity (the CPA approach!). Singapore math is not drill or rote-based, but a creative, holistic education that instills understanding rather than rewarding memorization skills. Mental math is a hallmark of the approach.

Singapore math plays to students’ highest potential and intelligence. Our series would not be described as a gentle version of math. Our content is some of the most rigorous out there, but we present all of it through engaging graphics and hands-on learning that keep math from being anything but dry.

Dimensions Math draws in multiple types of learners—including those who are more visually oriented, and those who are more naturally drawn to logic and reason. It does this through compelling design and by offering multiple ways of teaching a topic that appeal to different styles of learning. Dimensions Math features differentiation, which allows you to go at your child’s pace. This is the newest and most comprehensive Singapore math program out there. It offers ample support for educators.

Our other major series, Primary Mathematics, has plenty of its own strengths, including a long track record of success as the original Singapore math program. Take a look at a side-by-side comparison of Dimensions Math and Primary Mathematics to weigh the two. You might also visit our Getting Started page for more resources during your math curriculum search.

Ultimately, “the best” math curriculum is the one that suits your individual family’s needs. Put in the time now to get clear about what you want so that you don’t end up shuffling through math programs over the years, but land on an excellent fit right from the start.

Still need help figuring out the perfect math program? We’re happy to talk you through the process!