Research and Results

 Here you will find formal and informal academic research, as well as testimonials, on the impact of Singapore math in the classroom.

Research, Papers, Press and Articles:

Press Release: Singapore Teaches the World How to Teach Math, as Success of ‘Singapore Math’ Curriculum Spreads

Study: The Effect of Singapore Mathematics on Student Proficiency in a Massachusetts School District: a Longitudinal Statistical Examination

Study: What the United States Can Learn From Singapore’s World-Class Mathematics System

Report: 2015 TIMSS results continue to place Singapore at the top of international math performance

Teacher Testimonials:

“Singapore Math is a different way of thinking, the level is much higher – and even after just a few months, we saw clear improvements in the math assessment students take three times a year,” –Peggy McKee, Elementary Math Content Specialist for Fayette County schools in Lexington, KY

Book Ownership:

Dept. of Education study finds that children who own their own books:

  • Enjoy reading more
  • Read more frequently
  • Read more of every kind of material not just books
  • Have more positive attitudes to learning
  • Have higher attainments   

National Literacy Trust (UK) Report: Book ownership, literacy engagement and mental wellbeing  

Video from Bernie’s Books: The Impact of Book Ownership 

The National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance: Why do kids need books?