Our Contributors

The Dimensions Math® PK-5 curriculum is a collaboration of experts in the field.

The writing and reviewing team has over 100 years of combined Singapore math classroom experience. The Dimensions Math series is a refreshed, accessible adaptation of Singapore math by those who know it best!


Meet our team!

Jenny Kempe

Jenny Kempe has worked for Singapore Math Inc. since 2001 when she wrote the first Home Instructor’s Guides after using the program with her children. Since then, she has written and reviewed numerous textbooks, workbooks, supplemental books, and guides for Singapore math programs.

Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson was one of the first teachers in the U.S. to implement Singapore math. He has over 30 years of classroom experience as a teacher, math coach, and academic director. Bill has written Singapore math textbooks and conducts international math trainings.

Tricia Salerno

Tricia Salerno started using Singapore math in her Phoenix classroom in 2002. She founded SMARTTraining and has helped hundreds of schools around the world implement the materials.

Pearly Yuen

Pearly Yuen has taught preschool for 30 years. She brings math learning into routine activities like mealtime and playtime. Pearly is fascinated by how the model approach provides a way of solving challenging problems even before the introduction of algebra.

Cassandra Turner

Cassy Turner is a teacher, trainer, author, and acclaimed presenter who has been passionate about Singapore math since 2002. Cassy helps schools and teachers make every child a competent math student.

Dr. Richard Askey

Dr. Richard Askey (1933-2019) was Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He became interested in Singapore math in 1998, and consulted on several of our series over a period of twenty years. He was the principal consultant for the Dimensions Math® PK-5 series.

Allison Coates

Allison Coates founded the nonprofit Math Walk Institute in 2010 to help parents, teachers, and schools ensure student success with algebra. She is a strong proponent of Singapore math, encouraging teachers across the country to bring the curriculum to their students. Allison has an S.B. from MIT and M.S. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Beth Curran

Beth Curran began working with Singapore math in 2013 as a teacher and leader specializing in elementary math. She has since become a trainer and coach, partnering with dozens of schools and districts sharing her passion for the topic, especially thinking about math instruction on a deeper level.

Dr. Leslie Arceneaux

Dr. Leslie Arceneaux has more than 20 years of teaching students from Pre-K to graduate level. She has used Singapore math strategies to inform her own classroom practice, train other teachers, and develop materials to support students.

Production Team

The production team behind the Dimensions Math series worked closely with the writers and reviewers to bring the mathematical concepts to life in colorful illustrations and appealing design.