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Dimensions Math® PK–8

Our flagship Singapore Math® program


Since bringing the first Singapore Math® curriculum to the U.S., we’ve gathered years of feedback from educators and parents. This led us to a big question: Can we create a refined Singapore Math® program that better meets the needs of today’s students?

To answer this question we worked for five years with top Singapore math educators and experts. The program improves aspects of the proven Singapore math method while preserving the core of this unique approach. It is everything we believe Singapore math should be.



Why Choose Dimension Math?


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Please note that Dimensions 6-8 is not for sale to customers outside of the USA and Canada.

Primary Mathematics

The series that introduced Singapore math to the world.

Primary Mathematics is the famed series that put Singaporean students at the very top of international math tests again and again, and has over 20 years of proven results in the U.S.

It balances supervised learning and independent practice while encouraging communication. Singapore Math Inc. introduced this series to the U.S., and has been supporting it ever since.


Why Choose Primary Mathematics?

  • Primary Mathematics is the original, world-renowned Singapore Math curriculum. It put Singapore on the map of international math achievement over 20 years ago.
  • Training, support, and other resources due to wide adoption over many years.
  • Different editions for different needs:



Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition
Almost identical to the original program from Singapore, but uses U.S. measurements and currency.

Primary Mathematics Standards Edition
Revised to meet the California public school standards prior to before the introduction of Common Core State Standards.

Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition
Revised to align with Common Core State Standards.

Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition
Currently in soft launch. Content and lesson structure is entirely new and based on current classroom practices in Singapore.

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Please note that Primary Mathematics is not for sale to customers outside of the USA and Canada.