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Chemistry 'O' Level PERFECT Guide
Chemistry Matters PERFECT Guide
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Publisher Marshall Cavendish Education Pte Ltd
ISBN 9789810118525
pp 386
Grade G9-10

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Perfect Guide to 'O' Level Chemistry is an all-in-one study aid for the Singapore G.C.E 'O' Level Chemistry examination. With comprehensive notes, worked examples and assessment papers, this study guide promises to build knowledge, facilitate understanding and provide formative assessment for effective learning. This book can be used in conjunction with Chemistry Matters textbook.

This book has the following features:
  • Clear and concise revision notes
  • Tables and labelled diagrams for easy understanding
  • Examination tips
  • Links to school textbook for reference reading
  • Notes that point out and correct students' common misconceptions
  • End-of-chapter worked examples and exercises
  • Four thematic revision papers and two trial examination papers
  • Detailed explanation for answers
  • Coloured appendix that highlights important data and interesting facts

Above extract from Preface of Perfect Guide 'O' Level Chemistry (reproduced with the permission of the publishers). 

Our recommendation:

The Perfect Guide for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are study guides for students. They are meant to prepare students for the Cambridge O level Examinations and can be used with any textbook that also has that objective, but they do have specific links to the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Matters textbooks. The theme and chapter headings are the same as those in the textbooks, but there is some variation in the order of the chapters for the Biology Perfect Guide, and there are some differences in the subdivisions within the chapters compared to the textbook. Each topic contains thorough study notes, including learning objectives, common errors, and glossary of terms, and many worked out questions with extensive analysis of the answers. Each topic is followed by a test containing both multiple choice questions and structured questions. There are 4 review tests and 2 final trial exam tests. There are answers at the back. They are best used as intended, as study guides. Teachers could use them as a source of additional explanations, glossary of terms, and questions that can be discussed in class and may find the study notes helpful. Homeschools could use the tests for assessment if removed from the book.

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