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Chemistry Matters Workbook
Chemistry Matters Workbook
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Publisher Marshall Cavendish Education Pte Ltd
ISBN 9789810116996
pp 188
Grade G9-10

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Chemistry Matters Workbook is the companion workbook to the Chemistry Matters textbook. It is written in line with the Singapore 2013 GCE Ordinary Level Chemistry syllabus from the Ministry of Education, Singapore. This workbook is designed to promote learning with understanding.  Its comprehensive range of exercises builds foundational knowledge and develops critical higher-order thinking skills. Coupled with tips on answering techniques and diagnostic self-test, this workbook will help students tackle questions with success and achieve excellence in Chemistry.
  • Strengthens conceptual understanding
- Graded multiple-choice, structured and free-response questions reinforce learning while building confidence and competency.
  • Develops independent learning and critical thinking skills
- Every worksheet ends with a diagnostic checklist that encourages students to evaluate their learning and take steps to secure their understanding.
- A variety of context-based and data-based questions challenge students to train up their higher-order thinking skills.

  • Sharpens interpretive and answering skills
- Tips to guide students' understanding of the questions they might be asked help them to hit the mark with their answers.
- Accompanying worked examples of sample questions ensure students articulate their answers effectively.
  • Builds exam confidence
- A Trial Examination gives further practice and boosts exam confidence by helping students familiarise themselves with the exam format.

Above extract from Preface of Chemistry Matters Workbook (reproduced with the permission of the publishers).

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Components of Chemistry Matters:

The Textbook can be used in a school or home setting for 9th or 10th grade students. It can be read independently; although there are numerous questions given in the margin for discussion. Students should have a basic understanding of algebra and how to work with formulas and measurement units.  The focus is on inorganic chemistry, but there are a few chapters on organic chemistry. There is a review at the end of each chapter, and though many of the problems can be answered without doing any of the experiments in the practical book some of them are better understood if the student has some laboratory experience. There are clear links to the practical book and workbook,

The Practical Book is meant for a school setting. The experiments require laboratory apparatus and chemicals and are generally not feasible in a home setting due to cost and safety. The Practical is a separate course and does not follow the textbook lesson by lesson but rather complements the textbook. There are no instructions on how to prepare reagents and handle chemicals.

The Teacher’s Edition of the Practical Book is a copy of the Practical student’s edition with answers printed on the pages.

The Workbook can be easily used in a school or home setting.  There is one worksheet for most chapters, but not for all chapters, and one “Trial Exam”. The worksheets are structured like the exams in Singapore and include a multiple-choice section, a structured answer section, and a free response section. Some of the problems will be easier to answer if students have some laboratory experience, even if not the experiments specifically in the Practical Book.

The Teacher’s Edition of the Workbook is a copy of the Workbook student’s edition with answers printed on the pages.

The Teacher’s Planning Guide is a good resource with scheme of work, detailed lesson plans, links to internet sites, and additional activities. The guide also contains full solutions to the textbook questions. (Please note that The Solutions to Textbook Questions provides full solutions to textbook questions). Homeschoolers could probably find a variety of web sites themselves.

The Solutions to Textbook Questions provides solutions to textbook questions only. (The same solutions are in the Teacher's Planning Guide).

Chemistry Matters PRACTICAL TEACHER'S EDITION Chemistry Matters WORKBOOK TEACHER'S EDITION Chemistry Matters Textbook
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Chemistry Matters PRACTICAL TEACHER'S EDITION Chemistry Matters WORKBOOK TEACHER'S EDITION Chemistry Matters Textbook