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Physics Matters Practical Book
Physics Matters Practical Book
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Publisher Marshall Cavendish Education Pte Ltd
ISBN 9789810117177
pp 116
Grade G9-10

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Physics Matters Practical Book is the practical companion to the revised best-selling Physics Matters textbook. This complete practical course is written in line with the Singapore 2013 GCE Ordinary Level Physics syllabus from the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It will enrich learning and develop sound investigative and and practical skills.

  • Enrich learning
- Carefully selected experiments facilitate the hands-on learning that reinforces understanding of fundamental Physics concepts.
- Questions help students relate theory to practice, promoting doing with understanding.
- Data logger experiments familiarise students with the use of technology in research.

  • Promotes good laboratory practices
- Notes on instruments and exercises on practical skills build the theoretical foundation for good experimental techniques.
- Pointers at relevant parts of the experiment remind students of safety precautions, highlight important tips and common mistakes, and explain  the reasons behind them.

  • Develops practical techniques and investigative skills
- The scaffolded arrangement of experiments builds skills progressively.  Students learn to
        -- perform experiments and make accurate records;
        -- interpret observations, process data and draw conclusions;
        -- plan and carry out investigations, evaluate their methods, and suggest improvements.
- A variety of experiments covering various techniques allows students to gain confidence in different experimental setups.

Above extract from Preface of Physics Matters Practical Book (reproduced with the permission of the publishers).
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Components of Physics Matters:

The Textbook can be used in a school or home setting for 10th or 11th grade students. It can be read independently; although there are numerous questions given in the margin for discussion. There is a lot of math. Students should have a basic understanding of algebra, how to work with formulas and measurement units, and basic trigonometry.  The textbook contains many investigations many of which are not in the Practical Book, but do require basic laboratory apparatus. Expected observations and conclusions are included. There are clear links to the practical book and workbook,

The Practical Book
is meant for a school setting. The experiments require laboratory apparatus, and some require data loggers. Homeschoolers could do many of them at home if they buy any necessary material. The Practical is a separate course and does not follow the textbook lesson by lesson but rather complements the textbook.

The Teacherís Edition of the Practical Book is a copy of the Practical studentís edition with answers printed on the pages.

The Workbook can be easily used in a school or home setting.  There are one or two worksheets for each chapter. The worksheets are structured like the exams in Singapore and include a multiple-choice section, a structured answer section, and a free response section.

The Teacherís Edition of the Workbook is a copy of the Workbook studentís edition with answers printed on the pages.

The Teacherís Planning Guide is a good resource for teachers with scheme of work, detailed lesson plans, numerous links to internet sites, additional activities, and handouts, as well as a list of material used for the investigations. The guide includes full solutions for the problems in the textbook. (Please note that The Solutions to Textbook Questions provides full solutions to textbook questions).

The Solutions to Textbook Questions provides solutions to textbook questions only. (The same solutions are in the Teacher's Planning Guide).

Physics Matters Textbook Physics Matters PRACTICAL TEACHER'S EDITION Physics Matters Workbook
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Physics Matters Textbook Physics Matters PRACTICAL TEACHER'S EDITION Physics Matters Workbook