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Physics 'O' Level Structured Questions
Physics 'O' Level  Structured Questions
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Publisher Marshall Cavendish Education Pte Ltd
ISBN 9789810118631
pp 290
Grade G9-10

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Physics Structured Questions is written to help students master Singapore GCE 'O' Level Physics more effectively and efficiently.  To achieve this, it is specifically designed to be a useful and essential tool to supplement learning material for this subject, in particular, the Physics Matters textbook.

The notable features of this book which enhance the learning process include:
  • Close adherence to MOE's (Ministry of Education, Singapore) latest GCE 'O' Level Physics syllabus
  • Levelling-up problem solving process
  • Comprehensive answer key
  • Grading system for student self-assessment
  • Self-help for challenging concepts like textbook links and exam tips

Above extract from Preface of Physics Structured Questions (reproduced with the permission of the publishers).

Our recommendation:

The Structured Questions for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics contain questions requiring fill in the blank, matching, short answers and written explanations, but no multiple choice questions. For Chemistry, the chapter headings and subheadings are different from those in the Chemistry Matters textbooks but the sequence of topics is the same.  For Biology and Physics the theme and chapter headings are the same as those in the Biology Matters and Physics Matters textbooks. Each chapter in the Chemistry one and each Theme in the Biology and Physics ones are followed by a Challenging Segment with more challenging problems. It could be used as a test book or extra homework book by schools and homeschools. There are answers at the back.

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