Training Workshops and Webinars

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Please note: The organizations and events listed here are not operated by Singapore Math Inc. Please follow the links and register directly with the trainers. 


Math Champions Professional Development (formerly Cassandra Turner & Associates, LLC)

Jumpstart Your Singapore Math Instruction (Two-day workshop)
Date: 07/27/20  07/28/20
Location: Denver

Jumpstart Your Singapore Math Instruction (Online and Remote workshop)
Date: 07/30/20  07/31/20
Location: Online 

East West Math, LLC 

Singapore Math Summer Institute
Dates: 08/25/20 – 08/26/20
Location: New York City 



No upcoming events. 


Core Math Training Solutions, LLC

No upcoming events. 


Sherri Adler of SingaporeMathSupport.com

No upcoming events. 


The Davidson Group

Virtual Singapore Math® Primary Edition Grade Level Workshops
Dates: 08/17/20 – 08/21/20
Location: Online


Elementary Math Mentor – Dr. Kevin Mahoney

No upcoming events. 


The Pi Project

No upcoming events.