Dimensions Math® PK–5 for Schools

Dimensions Math® PK–5 is our flagship Singapore Math® curriculum. It epitomizes what educators and students love about the Singapore math method.

Written by a team of educators and experts with more than 100 years of combined Singapore math classroom experience, it is a rigorous and engaging curriculum that provides a deep elementary math foundation. The price of the series reflects our belief that an excellent math education should be accessible to all. 


Textbook lessons build on prior knowledge and develop concepts in an approachable way. Textbooks A and B for each grade correspond to the two halves of the school year. 

1. Think: Stimulates interest in new concepts through a hands-on activity or problem. 

2. Learn: Presents definitions and fully explains new concepts. 

3. Do: Solidifies and deepens student understanding of concepts.



Workbooks offer independent practice through careful progression of exercise variation. Workbooks A and B for each grade correspond to the two halves of the school year. 

4. Exercise: Provides additional problems in the workbook for students to master concepts. 

5. Practice: Provides teachers with opportunities for consolidation, remediation, and assessment. 



Tests help teachers systematically evaluate student progress. They align with the content of textbooks. Grades 1–5 have differentiated assessments: Test A focuses on key concepts and fundamental problem-solving skills, while Test B focuses on the application of analytical skills and heuristics. 


Teacher's Guides

Teacher’s Guides are a comprehensive resource that help teachers understand the purpose of each lesson within the framework of the curriculum. They offer structure for thoughtfully guiding student inquiry, and include detailed teaching notes and activities to achieve lesson objectives. 


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