Our Story

We believe the highest quality math education should be accessible to all. Our commitment to this mission began over twenty years ago when we introduced the world to Singapore math, and it remains our guiding principle as we develop new and affordable Singapore Math® programs.

When we moved from Singapore to the U.S., we found our daughter’s public school math program lacking. We began to supplement her education with the math curriculum used at her previous school in Singapore. Through this process, we realized that the Singapore math method was uniquely effective and that it would be useful to other parents and teachers in our community. We started selling the original Singapore Math program, Primary Mathematics, from our home in 1998 to share this powerful approach.

Since those early years, Singapore math has become an established part of national and international conversations about math education. We’ve continually improved and expanded our programs to suit the diverse and ever-evolving needs of students and educators. Our latest series, Dimensions Math® PK-5, makes the Singapore math approach more accessible, affordable, and engaging.

One thing that will never change is our core belief that everyone deserves an excellent math education, regardless of their situation. We know that a foundation in Singapore math creates the conditions for future success, and our goal is to make the finest math education in the world available to as many students as possible. We intentionally develop and price all our offerings with this in mind.

Thank you for growing with us as we raise math standards for all!