Placement Tests

Our grades align with U.S. schools. For example, Dimensions Math® 1A and 1B cover Grade 1. 1A is the material for the first half of the year. 1B is the material for the second half of the year.

To be clear about how to use these placement tests, here is an example: If a student successfully completes 2A, then they have likely mastered the material in 2A, and should take the 2B  placement test to see if they have mastered that material. If they do poorly on the 2B test, they could start with 2B. If they do well on the 2B test, they could take the 3A test to see if they have mastered that material. 

Suggested time for taking tests: These tests are not supposed to be timed. Allow at least an hour for each test.

The placement test is not the only factor in deciding where to place students. Educators should not base their placements solely on scores but should consider how students worked the problems and where they had trouble. For example, a student might do computation correctly but struggle with word problems. Educators can look at textbook tables of contents and go over parts of a corresponding chapter from previous levels to help students with specific topics. These tests were not designed to be exit tests.

Placement for Dimensions Math 6-8: We do not have placement tests for Grades 7 and 8. If your student has completed any Grade 5 program, start with Dimensions Math 6. If your student has finished any Grade 6 program, with solid understanding, start with Dimensions Math 7. However, if your student struggled with a Grade 6 program, start with Dimensions Math 6. Together, Dimensions Math 7 and 8 constitute a solid pre-algebra and algebra 1 program, with some geometry and other topics. If your student has done a pre-algebra program, review the Scope and Sequence for Dimensions Math 7. If there are any topics they did not cover in their pre-algebra program, or if they struggled at all, consider starting with Dimensions Math 7 to cover those topics, even if you don’t need to cover all the topics; they are not repeated in Dimensions Math 8. Otherwise, start with Dimensions Math 8.