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The Secrets to Singapore's World-class Math Curriculum

This book provides an inside look at Singapore math. Written by Wenxi Lee, a Singaporean who grew up using the method and is now a math education researcher, The Secrets to Singapore’s World-class Math Curriculum explains how and why Singapore math works. She weaves personal experience with fascinating research in this approachable yet highly informative read.

The Secrets to Singapore’s World-class Math Curriculum will answer all of your burning questions about the popular curriculum. It’s great for educators with years of Singapore math experience, parents new to the method, and anyone who is curious about Singapore’s unique success. With this book as your guide, you’ll be inspired by Singapore’s approach to look at math education in a whole new light.


Earlybird Kindergarten

Earlybird Kindergarten provides a systematic introduction to essential math concepts and basic reasoning skills. Through engaging graphics, hands-on tasks, and active participation, students build a strong foundation that prepares them for elementary math.

Textbooks develop concepts in a focused and fun way. Each unit includes several lessons with a specific learning objective. Exercises that focus on repetition ensure the reinforcement of facts. Activity Books follow the sequence of textbooks and provide opportunities for consolidation, remediation, and enrichment. Teacher’s Guides offer useful and detailed suggestions to facilitate meaningful engagement. They include step-by-step lesson plans and ideas to develop concepts in a compelling way.


Essential Math

Essential Math introduces kindergarten students to basic math ideas and enhances their understanding of the world around them. Textbooks can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplement to other kindergarten math. Teaching notes are included (there is no separate teacher’s guide).


New Elementary Math

New Elementary Mathematics for Grades 7-8 emphasizes the development of mathematical concepts and their applications, proficiency in problem solving, reasoning, and higher order thinking. It lays a solid foundation for high school level math. The series includes a textbook, a workbook, and solution manual for each grade.


College Teaching Resources

Great for both university students studying education and for practicing teachers.