Differentiation – Primary Mathematics

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This is the sparest of our core programs, which means that supplementary material plays a bigger role here. We offer different supplementary titles for students who need more help grasping the fundamentals and for students who may need more stimulation. You can learn more about all our supplementary offerings on our site.

tips for differentiation if you’re using Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition:

Struggling students:

  • Let students use manipulatives for a longer period of time
  • Do more of the activities in the Guides, do not simply work through the Textbooks and Workbooks by themselves
  • Supplementary series to check out: Extra Practice

Advanced students:

  • Students may not need to use manipulatives as much
  • Do fewer activities from the Guides for each lesson
  • Supplementary series to check out: Process Skills, Intensive Practice, Challenging Word Problems


Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition is a comprehensive program that does not require outside supplementary material. Differentiation is included throughout in side bars and suggestions in the Guides, and in multiple student books. This program may be used for all levels, but is especially effective and accessible for struggling students considering the scope, content, and approach. The detailed, scripted support offered in the Guides also makes it a good fit for educators who’d like more structure. If Singapore math has felt too unfamiliar or unapproachable in the past, this is a great entry point for U.S. students and educators.

tips for differentiation if you’re using Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition.

Struggling students:

  • Consult the Additional Support sections
  • Use the Reteach PDFs available online, guiding students through the Examples
  • Spend adequate time reviewing and discussing material the student struggles with as suggested in the Lesson debriefs
  • Let students use manipulatives more often and longer

    Advanced students:
  • Use the Mastery and Beyond books and the Extension PDFs available online
  • Spend less time with the scripted questions, debriefs, summarizing learning in a math journal, and Reflect and Connect in the Guides
  • Do the Digging Deeper in the Guides