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Professional Development is an integral part of successful Singapore math adoption.

We recommend the following trainers.

Cassandra Turner & Associates, LLC has offered professional development services since 2008. The team has helped dozens of schools implement Singapore math curriculum, and thousands of teachers who use it as a supplement. By teachers, for teachers, Cassandra Turner firmly believes that “math is not a spectator sport.” Based in Colorado, the team is available for training across the United States and internationally, working with school administrators and teachers through all stages of an adoption from consultation through parent engagement events.

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SMARTTraining has teachers available across the U.S., all of whom have taught Singapore math programs in classrooms for grade levels from kindergarten through middle school. The depth of their trainers’ experience allows them to share insights and to relate easily to teachers because they’ve been there themselves. Many of their trainers are nationally-known speakers for BER, SDE, NCTM, CAMT and many charter groups on the Singapore math method.

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Bill Jackson offers professional development for educators using Singapore math programs, as well as Lesson Study and Common Core Standards. Bill was one of the first educators to implement Primary Mathematics on a large scale in the U.S.. He will customize a professional development plan for your team.

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Singapore Math Coach offers highly customized onsite and online professional development. For nearly two decades, founder and lead trainer, Beth Curran, has been inspiring thousands of teachers, administrators, and parents. She is the go-to person for numerous schools and communities making step change improvements in education. Beth has worked extensively with all Singapore math curricula currently available in the U.S. She is a co-author and reviewer for Dimensions Math, as well as the Dimensions Math Video instructor. Beth lives in Virginia and travels around the world sharing her passion for making math make sense. 

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SingaporeMathSupport provides training for educators and implementation support for schools across the U.S., Europe, and Central and South America. Founded in 2014 by long-time Singapore math professional development provider Sherri Adler, SingaporeMathSupport services include model lessons, parent night hosting, and classroom observations, and more. They also have a middle school specialist to help with grades 5-8. Each school training is customized to best meet the unique needs of that school, and all training sessions offer a hands-on, interactive experiences.

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Primavera Professional Development LLC specializes in on-site instructional coaching for schools adopting Singapore math curriculum. All of their coaches are experienced teachers that have used Singapore math curricula in their own classrooms, and have the practical and pedagogical experience required to expertly teach others the CPA approach unique to Singapore math. They provide professional development experiences that include teacher workshops, classroom visits to provide model lessons, classroom observation/feedback, and one-on-one instructional coaching. Based in the New York metro area, Primavera Professional Development LLC provides professional development services nationwide.

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Aspire Learning Academy is based in Vancouver, Canada and provides consulting services and training to teachers using Singapore math programs across Canada, the U.S., and internationally. They offer curriculum adoption and implementation consulting, training programs for teachers, administrators, and school districts. Singapore math content knowledge is key to allowing teachers to effectively deliver the curriculum in a positive manner. Parent information seminars are also available to help parents understand and support their children with Singapore math content and assignments. Aspire Learning Academy’s Tara Haddad and Taylor Cordeiro are both available for training and consultation.

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East West Math LLC offers engaging and interactive Singapore Math teacher training on-site and online to meet the needs of modern educators across the U.S. and abroad. Topics covered include all essential and advanced topics of the curriculum, including CPA, number sense, bar modeling, fractions, and more. We specialize in virtual learning and helping teachers create engaging math instruction that meets the needs of diverse learners and honors all the essentials of the Singapore model. Ideas are exchanged, thinking is influenced, and through this, learning happens.

East West Math is based in Harrison, NY and the is approved by the New York State DOE and State University of New York to provide CTLE courses and CEUs.

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The Pi Project are two teachers who have taught the Singapore math method in K–8 classrooms in Singapore, Germany, and the U.S. for a combined 55 years of experience. They've been training teachers for over 12 years.

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Bill Davidson is available for training teachers, math coaches, curriculum specialists and administrators. He has worked with public, private and charter schools of all sizes across the U.S. In addition to comprehensive training, Davidson offers workshops with topics ranging from “Singapore Math® Curriculum Overview” to “Precision Teaching,” demonstration lessons, teacher observations and feedback, and coordinating of parent nights.

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Dr. Kevin Mahoney has been a teacher of elementary mathematics since 1989. A “math war” veteran, he has worked with a wide variety of math programs both old and new. In 2011, he became the first American to investigate Singapore’s elementary teaching methods at the doctoral level, publishing original academic research on the effects of Singaporean pedagogy on American math students.

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Johnette Roberts is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence Mathematics and Certified Elementary Mathematics Specialist. She served as the coordinator of “The Singapore Math® Project,” a collaborative effort to implement Singapore Math® curriculum at three Title I elementary schools in a district just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana from 2008–2012. In 2011, achievement scores for third grade students improved by 90%.

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Robyn Silbey is available for training teachers, coaches, curriculum specialists, and administrators in the Singapore Math® program.

Silbey loves motivating teachers and students to value the power and elegance of the Singapore approach to math. She facilitated a five-year Singapore Math® program roll-out in Montgomery County, Maryland, during which time the school’s state assessment math scores soared from the mid 50’s to the low 90’s.

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Nick Timpone has been teaching with the Singapore Math® curriculum since 1998. He was one of the first teachers in the United States to implement Singapore Math® curriculum in a U.S. public school. Nick began his teaching career in Paterson, NJ School #2 where he was a member of the first Japanese lesson study group in the U.S. Nick then moved on to become the founding Math Teacher and Principal at Harlem Village Academies in New York, one of the highest performing middle schools in the country. It was during his tenure at Harlem Village Academy that Nick developed his passion for coaching teachers and in 2012 he decided to pursue that passion full time.

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