Dimensions Math® vs. Primary Mathematics

Our core programs are more similar than they are different. However, each one has unique strengths.

• A great first step is to look at sample pages for each program and see which most appeals to you.

• There’s only one edition of Dimensions Math, while there are four editions of Primary Mathematics. You’re deciding between the following core programs: Dimensions Math PK-5, Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition, Primary Mathematics Standards Edition, Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition, and Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition.

• They all share a similar approach, and except for Primary Mathematics 2022, they follow a similar sequence of topics year-by-year. 

• You can easily switch from one program to another for the next year, with the exception of going from Primary Mathematics 2022 to any of the other programs, and from Grade 5 of Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition to Grade 6 of Primary Mathematics Standards Edition. It’s easier to make the change at earlier grade levels. 

Why choose Dimensions Math® PK–5?

Dimensions Math PK–5 is our flagship curriculum. It was created by our team of experts to provide a comprehensive, supported, and beautiful Singapore math experience.

• Cohesive PK–5 series, which continues through more advanced grades in our Dimensions Math 6–8 program.

• Substantial, ever-expanding teaching resources including video subscriptions and more.

• Vibrant illustration and clean design engages students and makes teaching easier.

• Excellent value and accessible pricing.

Why choose Primary Mathematics?

Primary Mathematics is the original, world-renowned Singapore Math curriculum. It put Singapore on the map of international math achievement over 20 years ago.

Due to wide adoption over many years, there is ample support for the early editions of Primary Mathematics.

Different editions align with specific standards:

Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition: Focuses on U.S. standards alignment and differentiation. Note: Content is entirely new, marks major departure from previous Primary Mathematics editions.

Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition: Almost identical to the original program from Singapore, but uses U.S. measurements and currency.

Primary Mathematics Standards Edition: Revised to meet the California Public School standards prior to Common Core.

Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition: Revised to more closely align with Common Core. 

 The takeaway:

All are excellent Singapore Math® programs that instill deep conceptual understanding and computational fluency!