Dimensions Math has brought color and depth to classrooms and homeschools for three years, but is still the lesser known of our two core curricula. Its predecessor, Primary Mathematics, looms large in the Singapore math world. And for good reason—Primary Mathematics has decades of international success and the abundant resources and communities that come with a long history. We will always value our roots in Primary Mathematics, but we’d like to tell you why we think Dimensions Math is the Singapore math of the future.

Dimensions Math is the series we built from the ground up to elevate the best ideas in Singapore math and to fill in the gaps of older series. Essentially, it is the neater, prettier, meatier expression of the math content that we’ve championed from the start. 

Over years of conversations with parents and educators, we gathered a long list of the various ways existing programs could be better. We realized that all the little edits and improvements we longed for in Primary Mathematics and other Singapore math programs added up to an entirely new series. We decided to push Singapore math into the next era by creating something more cohesive and comprehensive than what was available at the time. 

When we were dreaming of the new series, we envisioned big wraparound teacher’s guides with spiral binding, which would not only include more detailed instruction and straightforward layouts, but look and feel better in your hands and on your desk. We wanted to share activities, games, and exercises created in classrooms by teachers with extensive hands-on experience with the Singapore math framework. Along the way, we heard the need for more differentiation. We knew we would write that, among many other additions for instructors, into the modernized Singapore math series.

We also thought it would be helpful if the grade levels of our new program aligned with that of most U.S. schools. Before we released Dimensions Math, you needed to cobble together unrelated pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs, move onto a separate elementary program, then find yet another program for middle school. Primary Mathematics 1-6 doesn’t include the earliest years, and somewhat awkwardly has one foot in middle school. Dimensions Math takes students consistently through an inviting math world starting in pre-kindergarten and ending in eighth grade (with a shift in look and tone in sixth grade, marking entry to higher level math).

To bring this vision to life, we called on our experts from every corner of the Singapore math world. Writers with homeschool experience and professional trainers brought their unique contributions. We honed in on what was essential in Singapore math, including the CPA approach, bar models, and mental math, then pulled in design that would encourage clear thinking and let the content shine. We didn’t just fold in the suggestions of Singapore math users, but built Dimensions Math around those needs. This resulted in a program that truly suits the contemporary math educator and student.

As everyone knows, math textbooks are often unreasonably expensive. We simply don’t think it should be that way. We view an excellent math program as a fundamental part of every child’s education and think it should be within reach of all. Dimensions Math textbooks and workbooks are $12 each, and teacher’s guides are $25 each. Affordability isn’t just about better deals for the individual—it’s about spreading knowledge widely and raising standards for people of all backgrounds.

We believe Dimensions Math ushers in a new era of relevance for Singapore math. It brings beautiful simplicity into the math sphere, and is a natural (and intentional!) evolution of a highly effective math approach. 

In keeping with the spirit of growth, we would love to hear your thoughts on Dimensions Math!

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