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Knowledge By Nature – March 2024
We Didn't Learn Math This Way video review. "This new release from Singapore Math - We didn't learn Math this way, is an amazing resource for both the homeschool parent & the public school parent. There is so much to learn from this book!"

Ode to Abode – February 2024
K-5th Math Guide Book Flip-Through & Review – Video. "If you're a parent who's completely lost and left scratching your head over your child's math homework, or if you're a homeschool parent trying to figure out how on earth you will teach this stuff... This book might be just what you need. We Didn't Learn Math This Way! A K-5 Guide for the Confused Adult is a new release from two seasoned experts and is designed to explain a few key concepts and teaching methods in a way that anyone can understand."

A Family Devoted
– July 2023 
4 Reasons Singapore Math Ranks At The Top. "Singapore math emphasizes problem-solving, mental math, and a deep understanding of concepts and skills. With Singapore math, your child will focus on less but gain more. With their mastery method, this program focuses intensely on fewer topics with greater depth."

Homeschooling4Him – July 2023 
Teach Singapore Math with Manipulatives in Homeschool. "Using manipulatives is a great way to introduce a new math concept, especially to younger kids."

Monkey & Mom – June 2023 
Unlocking the Secrets of Singapore Math: Beyond Rote Memorization (Singapore Math Dimensions). "As I reflect on our homeschooling journey, I can confidently credit Marc’s success in math to one key decision I made – choosing the Singapore math method.

Needed in the Home – June 2023 
Singapore Dimensions Math Curriculum Grade 5 Product Review. "Dimensions Math is the strongest Singapore math program currently out there."

Humility & Doxology – June 2023 
Dimensions Math REVIEW: 25 years of Singapore Math. "If you’ve been curious to learn more about Singapore Math and are wondering if it’s a good fit for your homeschool, this is the post for you!"

Blessed Homeschool (video) – June 2023 
Singapore Dimensions Math or Primary Mathematics, Which Should I Use for Homeschool Math?

Starts at Eight – June 2023 
Singapore Math: Dimensions Math vs. Primary Mathematics. "I recommend it to everyone for elementary math."

Pining Over Home (video) – March 2023 
What are the differences between the Home Instructor Guides and the Teacher's guides? An unboxing and comparison! 

Knowledge By Nature (video) – February 2023 
Dive into the differences between Dimensions Math, Primary Mathematics U.S., and Primary Mathematics 2022.

Simply Cece (video) – February 2023 
Which should you choose? Detailed comparison and lesson walk-through for Dimensions Math Teacher’s Guides and Home Instructor’s Guides.

The Best Math Programs for Parents - Modulo – January 2023 
"We concluded Singapore Math, which draws on a combination of workbooks and manipulatives is the best option for the widest range of families seeking a rigorous, but engaging mastery-based curriculum that will provide a solid math foundation and accelerate their child’s learning."

Homespun Childhood (video) – June 2022
Singapore Math Curriculum: Dimensions vs. Primary 2022. "To switch or not to switch, that is the question. This video is a side-by-side comparison of Dimension Math 1A and Primary 2022 Math 1A."

Mama Yael (video) – May 2022
A complete review of the pros and cons of Dimensions Math Grades K and 1, and why she'll be using the program this school year.  

Tips for Using Singapore Math – September 2022 
Tips for teaching Singapore math at home. 

Family of Three Homeschool (video) – November 2021
"We love math in our homeschool...and we couldn't always say that!" 

Crochelina (video) – November 2021
Detailed flip-through and review of Dimensions Math Grade 1.

Homeschool Together Podcast – August 2021
Discussion of the Dimension Math® program with an emphasis on homeschool. 

Homeschool Together (video) – August 2021
Review and flip-through of Dimensions Math® Kindergarten curriculum.

the.silvan.reverie – June 2021
“I really enjoy this curriculum and look forward to using it more in our homeschool.  I’m never left wondering how the heck to teach in Singapore Math style (which is different than how I was taught). And, I like having lots of ideas for activities so I can select which ones I think will work best for us (or ones that use materials we already have around the house).” 

Science Mama (video) – Feb 2021
“I love Singapore Math. Both Dimensions and Primary Math have worked really well for both of my kids.”

Family of Three Homeschool (video) – Jan 2021
Video flip through of 4th grade Dimensions books and discussion of resources. – September 2020
“For math, we chose Singapore Math because many eclectic homeschoolers recommended it to me. Not only does it have a wonderful reputation, but I figured it was close enough to traditional homeschooling so that if we end up going back to public education next year, my kids will still be on-track.”

Jen Rivera Bell (video) – August 2020
“Here is the holy grail! When I opened [the Teacher’s Guide] up I was so excited because of the way that it’s structured… It gives you everything you need… and the graphic design is phenomenal.”

sweetwaterhomeschool – June 2020
“Math is a subject that you have to adjust to your kids individual learning styles, and I’m thinking [Dimensions Math] will work for us. There’s so much out there, so I hope this peek inside will help someone in the middle of trying to decide what to pick or wanting to see more of this one🙌🏽💗

Science Mama (video) – April 2020
“I was drawn to [Dimensions Math] specifically for a few reasons. First, it’s very strong in mental math. Second, there’s a lot of flexibility within the program, so if your student is really excelling you can fly through certain parts, and if they are struggling more there is extension.”

The Straits Times – February 2020
Read what Singapore’s largest newspaper has to say about us.
Clearly, Singapore maths adds up to success for educators, students, publishers and book distributors at home and abroad.

Homeschool Notes – November 2019
“Dimensions Math 6-8 is an exceptional homeschool math program. If you want your child to develop a strong foundation in math and excel at mathematical thinking and problem solving, then this program is worth your time and financial investment.”

Chickie & Roo – November 2019
“I wasn’t ready to commit to investing in a math curriculum for my son until I found Singapore. This seemed like the best choice for my son who loves independent, straight-forward work, and who also prefers bookwork.”

Mrs. Mom’s Homeshool (video) – July 2019
“[My son’s] mental math is incredible… and I really think it’s because of this math.”

The Otto Family – March 2019
“I really appreciated the wealth of options and ideas to choose from. No matter what the personality or learning style of your child, you will be sure to find an activity to match!”

Hope in the Chaos – March 2019
“Rather than a simple set of workbooks, you have a plethora of ideas to pick and choose from. You have the ability to customize this program to meet the needs of your child, adapt to their learning style, and incorporate it into the rhythm of your homeschool.”

Maggie’s Milk – March 2019
“It isn’t everyday that you find a math program so awesome your five year old son asks to do it each day before he’s even out of his pajamas!”

Alexandra Kulick – February 2019
“In our time using it, my numbers-whiz-kid has deepened his understanding of numbers and equations and has gained the ability to mathematically think outside the box.”

The Write Balance – February 2019
“The procedure of the books was consistent and, even though she didn’t always get it right away, the various tools they employed in each lesson helped her really understand what was going on.”

Cathy Duffy Reviews – August 2018
“Games and activities within the lessons give children opportunities to develop mental math skills and gain fluency with the math facts in interesting ways.”

Kate’s Homeschool Math – August 2018
“[The] consistent lesson format helps both parents and children know what to expect during the daily math lesson. The Teacher’s Guide also provides very clear guidance about how to incorporate the textbook.”